Editorial: Shopping Local This Holiday Season

The Saturday following Black Friday has been designated as Small Business Saturday to promote shopping smaller. First observed in the United States in the holiday shopping season of 2010, the movement was created to assist local businesses who can’t compete with the deals that larger department stores and online retailers can offer to customers.

While the incentive to shop small in the middle of the biggest shopping days of the year is great, it is far more beneficial for us all to keep more of our spending dollars local this holiday season. Mom and pop shops always need our help to stay on top and not fall under economic stress.

Supporting local businesses helps better distribute money into closer knit communities. The money that larger businesses make doesn’t benefit individual communities directly.

Getting a product that’s from a big business like Walmart or Target means mass production which is nothing compared to a handmade product that could come from a local thrift shop.

That generic sweater purchased from a large chain may be nice and fashionable, but it is anything but unique. Corner stores, boutiques, and quirky shops offer special, creative, one of a kind gifts.

Which toy do you remember more fondly, the hand crafted trinket, or the must have gadget of 1997? It was the Tamagotchi if you were wondering, but the point is, shopping small has a bigger benefit for us all. The funds local shops make can be put towards hiring people to assist in their establishments, paying taxes which helps build up the region in means of production or infrastructure projects.

If anything at all, it simply prevents the potential eyesore of empty storefronts in towns across the country which can be incredibly harmful to the local economy. While shopping at big departments stores or ordering gifts online is convenient, in the long run shopping in your neighborhood holds more value.

Supporting local industries means you support creativity, family values, and keeping communities together which is the most special gift one could offer, so keep it close to home this holiday season.


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