Letter to the Editor: Does Westchester Community College Live in the 21st Century?

I am a parent of two students that attend Westchester Community College. I am also a WCC student myself. I just wondered, until now, why anyone hasn’t openly complained about the fact that most Professors don’t put the students’ grades online.

This isn’t about being a parent and worried about how your kid is doing in school. This is about the college you chose to attend giving you the best opportunity and tools to succeed. How can you succeed if you can’t even get your test scores and grades in a timely manner or in most cases, at all. At the end of a semester, it is too late.

We are 9 weeks into the semester and all but a few Professors have even posted the grades for the entire semester for either of my children. I mean no grades, not test scores and “no you get a 0 because you missed an assignment.” No communication at all. Not only to me but them.

Why aren’t all Professors required by the school to supply this information so that by midterm we know if we are doing good and passing the course? Why is it not mandatory that all professors post this information for each and every student in their class within 10 days of the test or grade or inform us of any missed homework? I don’t want to hear that “they need to speak to me after class.” That doesn’t help anybody. You can’t talk about this after class in front of other students.

Do you think Harvard or Yale ignores the needs of the student and don’t even tell them how they’re doing by failing to post test grades? Most every school these days uses a form of Blackboard. You’re required to put your test and homework on Blackboard and then it disappears into cyber space, never to be heard of again. What is the importance of a midterm grade if you never see the midterm grade. Isn’t midterm the middle of the semester where you can turn your grades around if you knew what they were. Some professors are awesome and don’t need to be told. If you really are a good teacher, help them by giving them the tools to succeed and that includes information about their progress

WCC wake up. We are in the 21st Century. Computers galore. Everything cyber. WCC please make it mandatory that ALL professors post their students grades, test scores and homework completed and missed on Blackboard within 10 days of the test so that a student can follow the progress. This also helps parents to see their child’s progress and failures.

I am not keen on social media but I would appreciate it if someone would start a twitter or blog that can get people’s opinion and comments that will show how important it is for students to receive this information in a timely manner. Please help put this to the college and insist that supplying this information is important to you and will help you succeed at WCC. And please send an email to the Dean.

Signed, Ava Faulkner

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