Letters to the Editor

The inflammatory opinions expressed by “Campus Republicans” make it obvious that they fear and loathe immigrants.

They attempt to justify their animosity by characterizing the 800,000 DACA recipients, some of whom are undoubtedly among their WCC classmates, as “lawbreaking foreign nationals”.  They claim that the purpose of DACA is to create “a permanent underclass.” They ignore the fact that these young immigrants are part of a legal government program and, like many of those before them, are striving to become productive citizens through education and hard work.

The “Republicans” claim that the supporters of these young people are Democrats who are “advocating for slavery” as a strategy for creating both a source of “cheap labor” and voters who are “naïve enough” to vote for Democrats.

In other words, the “Republicans” are depicting DACA recipients as lawbreaking, simple-minded, slave laborers, who will vote for Democrats in large numbers.

These “Republicans” think of themselves as the “common American”.  Their overriding fear is that they will become a minority, due to the “changing demographics of the country”. That is why they fulminate against “immigrants”.

The “Republicans” should stop trying to push back the ocean and focus all their energies on improving their own lives. We are all immigrants. I come from an immigrant family who valued education. Now I may be teaching some of these Republican students in my various WCC math classes.


Adjunct Professor, Donald Shernoff

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