Circus Extravaganza

The “Circus Extravaganza” was hosted by our very own WEB (Westchester Events Board), giving us an extraordinary start to the 2018 fall semester; reminding us that we can genuinely “get caught up in the fun”. A circus it was, with a variety of students lining up for popcorn and other circus related treats, including Italian ices and the classic, pink cotton candy.

A unique twist to the event was being able to enjoy a performance by Allen, more commonly known as “Spunky the Clown.” Spunky entertained the crowd with enthusiasm and witty comments. A master of juggling and balancing acts, Spunky surely impressed the onlookers with high levels of coordination, by bouncing up to 6 multi-colored balls and a crowd favorite of balancing a juggling pin on his nose.

Later in the event, Spunky rode his unicycle through the cafeteria and student center, rousing the interest and attention of everyone. It’s not everyday you see a clown riding around on a unicycle in your school! In addition to just “clowning around,” he took some time to make  balloon animals, bringing out the child in everyone.

A photo shoot was set up for memorable photos, with a green screen and props such as hats, funky glasses and other classic party accessories. A hard copy of the photo taken was available with a ‘photoshopped’ background of a ferris wheel. A table set for palm reading was also a center of attention, with a line of students eager to get their palms read and receive some introspection.

Carnival Table Tennis Ball Toss and Can Bean Bag Toss gave people opportunities for some movement and in addition, participants walked away with prizes, such as newly designed WEB water bottles and other WCC gear and gadgets.

Friends and newcomers participated in rounds of Cornhole, the classic bean bag toss lawn game consisting of blue and red bean bags and two opposing platforms.

Students ventured in and out throughout the event, mingling with peers and faculty members and experiencing a taste of the circus. The Circus Extravaganza kicked off the semester with a memorable success, keeping the student body ready for more.   

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