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It’s fair to say that Hunger for Awareness, a combination food drive and social event run by adjunct counselor Deborah Santora of WCC’s Trio Student Support Services program, was a happy event filled with lovely people.

The event took place in the Classroom Building during Wednesday Common hour on September 19th. Many of those present had learning and other disabilities, but the event was open to the entire WCC community. All were made to feel welcome. Upon entering, there was pizza and smiling faces with warm greetings.

Taking place early in the school year, Hunger for Awareness was designed to welcome new students and to let them know there were opportunities on campus to get together with their peers and discuss mutual problems ranging from tuition to study habits. Some of the students talked about how to get the word out that these opportunities exist.

Some students were just glad to be able to vent. One of the students, Dimitri, had trouble with Financial Aid, as did many of the students this year. “I didn’t get financial aid because of my G.P.A,” he said.

As might be expected at an event called Hunger for Awareness, food was a major topic of interest. Santora led the discussion, encouraging students to express their pet peeves about food on campus.

The college’s Food Pantry, located in the Student Center near the counseling center, was part of the discussion. The lack of food that can be eaten instantly, rather than needing to be cooked or heated, was one complaint. The pantry offers pasta, ramen, and tomato sauce but not foods that don’t require preparation.

One of the students suggested, “Why don’t we put in more granola bars? Actual snacks so people don’t have to cook the food.” The suggestion met with approval. It was decided that granola bars and fruit would be added to the pantry.

Santora welcomed a discussion of healthier options. One suggestion was organic foods. This is already an issue with the eating habits of the WCC community, as was pointed out in the last issue of The Viking News.

Food, friendship, and fun: these are a recipe for a successful event, and Hunger for Awareness had all three.

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