WCC Welcomes Barnes and Noble As New Bookstore

The campus bookstore has undergone a change of management this past April, welcoming Carla Oliver Bowens, who brought Barnes and Noble to the main campus, as the new store manager. Bowens plans on evolving the bookstore in not only appearance, but also by implementing additional use of space.

Bowens has big ideas for the bookstore, and is looking to engage with the campus community. The new manager intends on bringing an element of fun by planning to conduct meetings, inviting clubs and organizations, and even setting up laptop computer displays and a self-service coffee station.

“I’m really happy to be on this campus, and I feel very positive about the merging of the college bookstore with Barnes and Noble,” says Bowens.

Barnes and Noble manages about 800 colleges with a high concentration of bookstores in the northeast, now including WCC. The Bookstore supplies a wide variety of merchandise such as software, school supplies, and Westchester Community College apparel. With new product structure and merchandise, the bookstore has already shown some physical alterations. In the next two years, more adjustments will be made to fully establish and complete the official Barnes and Noble feel.

The transition to Barnes and Noble will not affect the price of textbooks, however, price matching is now available. If there is a real match on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any local competitor, Bowens can assist you. Exceptions to price matching are online marketplaces, digital textbooks and access codes, special orders, and new rentals. 

In addition to the bookstore’s new features, if student organizations are interested in group garments, Barnes and Noble has a ‘promoversity program.’ If you want to outfit yourself, prices are reasonable and minimums are very low. Promotional items can be distributed, as well as giveaways for recruiting tables.

Having Barnes and Noble at the campus will provide students with new and unique products to compliment their college experience, while still being able to provide textbooks at discount prices.

“Every store is attached to a campus and this specific company tends to students; selling textbooks, which you won’t see at the regular retail store,” Bowens says.

Students need to be aware of their financial aid status before purchasing their books. Many students order their books online before the semester starts, but financial aid doesn’t kick in until classes begin. Financial aid is not limited to textbook purchases. Funds can be used on school supplies, backpacks, and apparel, which can also be purchased on the new website that has been launched, www.sunywcc.bncollege.com.

The bookstore will continue to provide educational supplies to Westchester Community College students throughout the renovation period of the Barnes and Noble conversion.

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