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Hey, Its Val here!

It has been amazing going through this past year with you all. The ups and downs, and the condom questions. But now we are near the end. And many of you are graduating. Leaving and starting a new life. As a young graduate, you are often in a
vicious circle.

You may feel like you are inexperienced or scared about the next school you’ll attend. But this is a beautiful thing. You will have adventures waiting for you. But to not let you fly into the night, here are some tips for a successful future.

1. Dare to invest in yourself
If nobody is ready to offer you professional experience, then it’s time to build it for yourself. Analyze your skills and build on them. Download a language app and learn something new. Read a good book that builds you. Volunteer work is also a great option. All these things will greatly increase your value.

2. Create a tailor-made resume
Recruiters want to be able to analyze in minutes whether the candidate has the right training and experience. Highlight your skills and what you have achieved professionally. Your resume should be concise, clear and well structured. List your studies and your career in the chronological order. The most recent ones first. Stay within two pages for your CV.

3. Be realistic
The current generation of students often leave the school benches with a lot of enthusiasm and dreams. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it is worthwhile to adjust your expectations and to be patient. Do not focus on the here and now. Try to draw for yourself plans for the future. Without wanting to arrive directly at your final destination. Look for a job that fits into your plans and that is both realistic for a beginner.

Knowing where you are orients you towards the results that you want. But also you should be excited for this future ahead of you. Do not neglect the importance of celebrating your successes. Many completely neglect this step, it is essential.

Reaching a goal that you have personally set for yourself is the greatest achievement you can have, congratulate yourself. This boosts your motivation and your self-esteem, it improves your self-confidence, which will lead to more goals achieved and more success. Go off into the land Vikings and conquer this new land!

As always, write me, don’t skype me, It’s Val! See you next year!

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