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Hey, It’s Val! It has been a while, there has been a lot of snow, and a lot of protests. I do not want to dive into the controversial issues of today’s America but I want to dive in on self-awareness.

The Media tells us that we have to be scared of every space we enter and do not trust the person standing next to us. They ask us to report strange activity and has us questioning everything and also telling us to report every unattended bag that we see.

I do not see the point of living in fear every day when there is so much in life for us to enjoy and to thrive in. I am not saying to entirely reject those notions, but make your own decision and don’t let fear overtake your mind. It is helpful to be self-aware, for your protection and the protection of others.

But how do we maintain being civilians of this world without losing our minds? Without turning on the news and retreating into our homes and becoming a recluse? Yes, we want to be in the know, but what can we do to maintain our homeostasis?

STEP 1: Balance your daily intake: Balance your negative news with the good news. The television may be spewing politics at you, but at least laugh at a good cat video. There are a plethora of memes that keep me entertained amidst the tragedies.

We become so overwhelmed and we are unable to take a break because everywhere we turn there is always a reminder. So, we need to find a way to break it up with laughter. Laughter is one of the best medicines out there, and you do not need health insurance to get it.

Surround yourself with people that uplift you, so you do not have to go through things alone. I have a great group of women where we meet up for a monthly brunch, and sometimes that is what I need to maintain my sanity.

STEP 2: Turn off the TV: Electronics suck. I have asked a lot of people, what they would get rid of if they could. Most of them answer and say they would get rid of their phone.

Cellular phones pretty much suck the life out of us. People end up having chronic neck pain and back problems because they are always looking down at their screens – no one looks up anymore.

It is time to look up and look at the sky, guess the shape of the clouds and count the stars. We are not enjoying life anymore. We need to back away sometimes from the things that have batteries, and seek real sources of life, like outside. Also, just soaking up all the Vitamin D that we naturally get from the sun, which is good for our bones.

STEP 3: Love: We as a country need to learn to love again. I may not know you, haven’t met you personally, but I always have an innate love for everyone. Everyone deserves to be loved and welcomed.

As individuals, we should spread more of that and be able to knock on our neighbor’s door and ask to borrow some sugar. Love goes a long way. And I love talking to all of you. As always, write me, don’t skype me, love Val.

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