Appreciating WCC For What it Can Be

With many students preparing to leave this campus, be it by means of graduating, transfer, or going into the workforce, it’s appropriate to acknowledge WCC for what it can be. And this college can be whatever you want it to be.

As a two-year commuter school, WCC is often tacked as the 13th grade by students, which arguably can feel like the case for many. Seeing some of the same faces that one shared their high school halls with or remaining at home with the parents, it could seem like high school all over again, but it doesn’t have to.

From the individual level, to its clubs and organizations, or the campus as a whole, our humble campus is in a league of its own. This year, WCC sent eight students to Albany to accept the SUNY Chancellor’s Award, the highest honor a New York student can be given.

The Cybersecurity Team competed in a national competition against Ivy League schools, our Phi Theta Kappa chapter sweeped house at the national convention earning the Distinguished Student, Advisor, and Team Action Award, and our student athletes have often been at the top of the charts bringing in victories on and off the field. WCC, no matter how small or close to home it may seem, the opportunities this school offers are endless.

Aside from the countless awards and recognitions the campus and its entities brings in, the dedicated faculty and staff can also be placed on a top tier shelf. World traveled, highly educated with first hand experiences in their fields and accommodating to meet the needs of students of every level. Students that come here often leave with open minds, hearts, and horizons to greet the rest of the world with.

With the amount of resources available to students, from the Scholarship Department which aids students who may be going through financially tough times, to the Academic Support Center that assists students in reaching new heights in class, it should be near impossible to fail at WCC. But success here truly depends on what you are willing to attempt yourself.

We at The Viking News truly believe that whatever you put into this college, you will receive ten fold in return. This can be the 13th grade, but only it you want it to be.


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