Academic Support Center to Offer Study Skill Building Workshops

The Academic Support Center will now offer workshops on developing skills and habits that contribute toward student success. While still regularly conducting free tutoring services, the center will devote resources to creating valuable learning opportunities.

Regularly throughout the semester, the ASC provides multiple rooms dedicated to Mathematics and English tutoring free of charge, but now the ASC will be hosting eight free educational workshops. Time Management, Organization, Note-taking, Memory and Multi-Sensory Learning and Meta-Cognitionition workshops designed to help students sharpen their skills and optimize their grades.

All workshops are 50 minutes in duration and will be scheduled on common hour at 11:00 am, making the classes available to all students. These workshops are another aspect of ASC’s mission in helping WCC students succeed in their educational goals.

Assessments will also be conducted as a separate feature of the workshop programs. The ASC will test students on important aspects involving management of stress and study habits. The Assessments: Reduce Test Anxiety, P.L.A.N for Final Exams: Review Study Skills, and Predict Prepare And Take the Test, will be held later in the semester as students are preparing themselves for finals.

“Time management skills are not only skills for student success but for life,” said Joanna Peters, The Reading/ESL Coordinator of the Academic Support Center, after being asked about the important role these workshops and the skills they cultivate can have on the student’s future.

“Sometimes students are wondering about the usability of the subjects they are learning in class. I think the workshops when taught right, will help students appreciate the information and skills for themselves, “said Dr. Barry Peckoff, tutor for mathematics at the ASC.

Workshops will be performed on the specified day and all will be facilitated by a staff of educators made up of senior tutors, PhD’s  and individuals with ten plus years of educational experience, who will also be available for tutoring throughout the semester.

“Drop in dont drop out,” is the frequent ASC motto, encouraging students to get accustomed to stopping by the support center and finding a tutor whose style of teaching they find favorable.

The WCC Extension Centers such as Mt Vernon and Peekskill provide their own free tutoring services, extending the wide availability the service already provides. For further information pertaining to the services provided by the ASC, students can access the ASC webpage on the college’s website or call (914) 606-7220.

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