Expanded ASC Hours

To better accommodate evening students, the Academic Support Center (ASC) has added an extra hour to the end of their Tuesday and Wednesday schedules.  On all other days, they will be keeping to their standard 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. hours. “All of our subjects will be available,” said ASC Department Chair Susan Arietta, “it’s really just an extension of our day.”

This includes not only the general tutors, but new hours for all the subject tutorials.  This includes math, physics, ESL and reading, science (covering chemistry, biology, other physical sciences), computer science and writing. These hours are not the same as the general office hours though, so come into their office on the ground floor of the Harold L. Drimmer Library on campus to get a full list of tutorial hours.  The hours listed for the tutorials on the WCC website may be out of date.

Arietta went on to say that more students could stand to use WCC’s tutoring services, but until then, the tutoring center has a favorable ratio of personal tutors to students at any one time.

Currently, Arietta has noticed more students come in between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. than any other time of day.  She speculates that they are trying to get in some last-minute homework assistance before their first class starts. If there is time between classes after that point, the ASC recommends coming in at that time.  

That is in part why they expanded hours in the first place; to accommodate students taking evening classes, as well as those who can only come in on weekends due to their work schedule.  Currently though, the evening hours are the quietest at the ASC. Arietta also recommends coming in on Fridays, as those are the quietest days of the week in their office.

The new hours will be covered mostly by expanding the shifts of the tutors already there in the afternoon, but there will be some new faces around.  And while the extended hours are only available on Tuesday and Wednesday, this may change.

“If we saw more students utilizing the evening program, our administration would be happy to give them more tutoring time,” said Arietta, “If we don’t see a population at night… we could just ask [the afternoon shift tutors] to come in at 10 a.m.”

Along with general schoolwork help and subject tutorials, the ASC provides many other important services.  In their main office, they periodically offer workshops designed to improve study skills and reduce test anxiety.  They also have periodic workshops on all the topics mentioned above along with the daily subject tutoring, as well as review sessions available in the weeks leading up to finals and exit exams.  All of these services are drop-in, requiring no appointment.

If a student can’t come to the main campus but still wants help, the ASC offers tutoring at all extension centers, as well as online tutoring through an in-house email-based service at http://www.sunywcc.edu/academics/asc/ask-a-tutor/, and the NetTutor live online tutoring service, accessible through your Blackboard account.

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