School installs new plastic yellow chains to represent that “nothing can hold our students back.”  

Last spring, WCC installed a new fixture on the Student Center lawn; a long series of yellow chains separating the grass from the sidewalk. At first glance, these seemed like an attempt to keep students off the grass.

“I like the yellow chains cause they show me where to walk, otherwise i’d be walking in the dirt, and my shoes would get dirty.”  Timmy Gabagool WCC student. But as it turns out, this is only a useful side effect of the new barrier. The true purpose, apparently, is much less physical but more spiritual.  

“The true purpose of the chains are to inspire students, to tell them that nothing will stop them from reaching success, that the chains holding them back are actually breakable, and that our mental chains are made of plastic and are weak and are even not metal, bro,” said Patrick Hennessy in a press release.

This seems logical because If the chains were merely supposed to be a barrier, they would be made from a more substantial material like metal or wood, or even have some complex and eye appealing design, considering this campus is in Westcher and all. If they really wanted to keep students off the grass, they would have put up a “keep off grass” sign, right?

It seems that this inspirational and deeply meaningful piece is working and inspiring a whole generation of WCC students. Many members of the WCC community are experiencing a new sense of passion.

“When I first got the work order to install the plastic pillars and plastic yellow chains, I thought ‘that’s gonna look crummy and cheap!’  But once I saw the symbolism in the project, I found myself inspired. I immediately enrolled in classes and am currently pursuing my degree in philosophy,” said Alac Grassanovic, former WCC landscaper and now new student of philosophy.  

This new facade represents a new chapter for WCC. The bold yellow chains literally highlight a pathway to a bright future for students, and show them that all the barricades they encounter in life are merely weak, cheap and sometimes yellow.

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