Spotted! SGA President Caught Orange Handed!

One week into her career as SGA president Ava Tapia has been spotted by the Viking News feeding her secret addiction.

At six pm on Tuesday night, Ava was spotted in her car at the site of Lot zero on the WCC campus, feeding her addiction for brightly colored snack foods.  A local epidemic on the rise at the school has reached the top of the student ladder, affecting even the brightest most ambitious minds.

The Viking News first learned about this issue when one of our reporters met with an anonymous source who revealed the ongoing corruption in the SGA.  “It’s been going on for years… Almost every member of the SGA E-Board has been using the ‘Orange stuff’ since Hankin days.” Said the man who simply called themselves, “Deep Chet.”

Though this craze is a new form, snack food abuse has been around for years.  Back in the 90’s it was popular to inhale a sugary dust substance which was known back then as “Sticks.”  While it’s not clear whether or not this cheesy new form is anymore harmful than it’s sugary predecessor, it has certainly become more popular.  While no deaths have been reported, the orange residue has claimed the shelf life of many white blazers.

When the Viking asked for a comment from the SGA, we received a statement from Ava.  “While I was around the cheese curls in college, I did not inhale.”

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