Hartford Hall Renovations to Become Castlevania Underway

The good people of WCC have steered clear of the lone building that looms over the Valhalla campus. Hartford Hall, a place that is equally beautiful in appearance and disturbingly creepy is being transformed to resemble the home of Dracula himself.

“I’ve never seen anyone enter that place and live to tell the tale,” said concerned WCC student Katie Harris. “It’s like the place is haunted or something.”

Haunted, cursed or maybe just misunderstood like the great white shark, Hartford Hall has both captivated and terrified the college community. The only souls who seem to occupy the the Tudor-style home is that of the highest levels of WCC staffers.

“They must be vampires,” argued Kevin Bourne, a student who can often be found in the tech lounge with his fellow comrades. “I would know. I am a level 17 mage, which grants me the honor talent of mind quickness and ability to transport to several realms.”

According to Bourne, in order to transport into Hartford Hall an individual must be at least a level 85 mage. “Only the darkest or bravest souls dare to enter that foul place,” stated Borne.

Indeed, very few people have been seen entering or exiting the estate trough it’s ridiculously heavy doors. Rumors have it that the historical home holds secret passageways within the walls, confirming that Hartford Hall is either home to Dracula or at the very least a secret organization bent on retaining student numbers.

“I think it is a little outlandish to say that the people who work in Hartford Hall are vampires,” stated Jessica Mason, who has lobbied the school to make Cryptozoology, the study of mythical creatures, a major at WCC.

“Everyone knows that vampires don’t show up on film and if you check out any of WCC’s social media sites you can see many members of the administration. Furthermore, it also cuts out the possibility of the administration being spies or something, because it would require actual secrecy.”

Bourne disagrees, noting that there are many things hide in plain sight such as “depression, alcoholics, or the reason why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

When asked to comment on this controversy, key figures for WCC neither confirmed nor denied the accusations but instead directed attention towards anything other than Hartford Hall.

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