Ava Tapia Named President for Class of 2019

Outgoing President Hamza Raja greets President-Elect Ava Tapia. /Amanda M. Gordon

With the end of the school year comes new beginnings for the next generation of student leaders. For the Student Government Association (SGA), Ava Tapia is President-elect.

Earning nearly 64 percent of the polled votes, Tapia has campaigned on the grounds of increasing student inclusion, and starting the day after the 2018 Commencement Ceremony, Tapia will be passed the torch, and responsibilities of President.

Tapia recognizes that change doesn’t happen overnight for any organization, community, or for a person in power which is why she wants to focus her presidency on strengthening measures already in place and empowering the community towards a tighter, stronger community.

To accomplish any of the challenges the SGA may take on, Tapia stressed that getting student responses is an utmost priority.

“My plan of action is to get a set of student surveys going and a forum started so we can hear some traction [and] student responses in volume,” said Tapia, arguing that no matter the position she holds, it will be hard to pass measures without proof of student support.

Overall, Tapia said she would like to see response rates towards college functions go up. For the Vision and Values survey, only seven percent of students responded to the poll. For the SGA elections, basing off of the Presidential election, only 556 students voted out of approximately 13,000 students, a mere four percent of the student population.

To help reach out to a statistically apathetic population, Tapia can call upon her executive board. The positions of Student Trustee, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Public Relations have been filled by the electoral process. For the role of Vice President, Tapia held the benefit of being able to appoint someone to the position.

Tapia expressed high enthusiasm for her team, listing off some of the individual traits and strengths of the members. The 2018-2019 SGA executive team consists of primarily women, a fact that Madam President-elect herself is very excited for.

“When we get to working on things and get things done I will take a little extra pride in getting to say that ‘the girls did it,”” said Tapia, but was sure to include John Henry’s name, the lone male representative who will serve as Secretary. “I’m definitely happy that it is a group that is motivated to make some real changes.”

Outside of politics, Tapia remains to be political, engaging in advocacy and activism involvements. Currently, her career goal is to become a bonafide politician and holding the office of the SGA President could be a significant start to her desired career.

The President-elect also enjoys traveling, something that she confessed she doesn’t do enough of. She is also trilingual, speaking the languages of Korean and Spanish.

Tapia found her place in the SGA and she is confident that all WCC students can find somewhere they belong on campus.

“I have been a student where I felt lost,” Tapia said. “To me [the SGA] that’s really important. I know it’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be worth it.”

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