This Campus Needs Resident Halls to Compete With Other Colleges

As we say our farewells and head off to college to start a new path in life, students are taking a big step in the world. For students who are moving out to four year schools there will be a benefit that WCC doesn’t hold currently. Dorms on campus.

“I think this would be a great opportunity for students who attend WCC because it would be an opportunity to dorm and be away from parents and experience something new,” said Shannon Bandoo, a former WCC student.

Living on a college campus inhibits life long changes. More freedom for one, but also allowing opportunities for students to take up school spirit. For this commuter campus, not nearly enough people show up to events such as the athletic games, or participate with clubs and organizations because of the issue of transportation.

“People are willing to open up to doing activities and events if there was a way for us to live on campus,” said Shanaya Jones. “But because there are no dorms people don’t stick around because they have to commute.”

Living on campus is one of the best things a college student can experience. Students can make lasting connections and really be a part of a community.

“It would bring people closer because you will be living together” said Samahjae Thomas. Fellow student Jada Crump would agree to this statement.

“Students that experience this type of exposure can bring certain people closer,” said Crump. Being on campus just for the purpose of going to classes, students might not be inclined to interact with their fellow peers. In a shared living environment, students will be in constant contact with people of all walks of life. Different ethnicities, political views, and majors can cultivate an arena of learning and understanding outside of the classroom.

Life on campus is just one step ahead to show students what it will be like living on their own and taking up for their own responsibilities in the future. Be it single dorms or community style, living in on campus is a comfortable step in between living at home and living alone.

The benefits of having dorms on campus is potentially limitless, but WCC not having campus housing options may leave the college struggling to attract students in the future.

Dutchess Community College (DCC), which lies only an hour drive north of the Valhalla campus, has held resident suites since 2012. Able to house almost 500 students, DCC holds an edge over WCC in this aspect.

From the perspective of someone who has spent time on both campuses, WCC is a tier above DCC is nearly aspect of student life, but the fact that this school does not have living spaces sets the student life below the bar.

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