Cosplay Convention Held by Anime Club

With their outfits lovingly made and wigs carefully styled, several WCC students donned their outfits as they participated and took to the stage to show off their cosplay. Expressing their love for their favorite animated characters, the WCC Anime Club hosted a cosplay show on Thursday, April 12.

Rather than buying a pre-made outfit, some cosplayers will make their outfits from scratch. For the members of the Anime Club of WCC it was a mix of pre-made outfits and hand-made accessories.

“It took me a few days to make a duel disk for my Yu-Gi-Oh player cosplay,” said Shevaun Mosley, a WCC student. “I formed it by cutting out different pieces of cardboard and gluing and duct taping them together. After that I painted on the details and it completed my outfit.”

Before the show started, several members of the WCC Anime Club rushed around the Tech Lounge and took out their costumes, fumbling around for their accessories or for their makeup and wig caps.

Once the final touches of makeup were done, as well as the art for the chalkboard that depicted in big letters ‘Anime Club Masquerade Event’ featuring different anime characters in their respected outfits. The masquerade was set to start up once everyone went to their stations and onlooking students took their seats.

Each cosplayer had about two minutes to show off their cosplay to the crowd and to appeal to the judges that encouraged them strike a pose and interact with their audience.

There were plenty of shenanigans happening, with cosplayers imitating the persona of the character they were portraying and some cosplayers playfully dabbing to the crowd to get a few laughs out of them so that everyone had a good time.

“Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun,” said Antonio Flores, a WCC student. “My favorite cosplayer was the girl that dressed up as Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon. It looked like she worked really hard on all of the details for her cosplay.”

After everyone had taken their turn at showing off their cosplay for the audience, all of the cosplayers were then seated in the middle of the room where they threw opinions back and forth on what their favorite anime, which anime were terrible, and which anime character they deemed as the best character. A few props were set around and cosplayers as well as members of the audience were invited to imitate characters and mess around with the props to see who would get a bigger reaction out of the audience and from the judges.

The event ended about two hours later, where the cosplayers huddled together and stroke a pose in front of the chalkboard in the corner of the room.

Each of these students care very much about their club and enjoy the anime characters that they portrayed. Even with some of the shyness coming from some of the cosplayers, the mood was set at amusing and everyone was rightfully enjoying themselves whilst they indulged in their shenanigans.

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