Student Involvement Recognizes Achievement in Clubs, Organizations

Student leaders and advisors were honored Friday, April 13, at the 70th Annual Student Recognition Dinner.

“The recognition dinner is for the student leaders on campus who work hard all year long to provide fun, informative and sometimes emotionally powerful co-curricular events for the campus community,” said Rachele Hall, Associate Director of Student Involvement for Co-Curricular & Community Building Programs. “The dinner is also for club advisors to celebrate their students year long success but also to reflect on the journey they have taken with the students.”

The Student Involvement Award was presented to Christine Fils-Aime and honored her continued commitment to improve student life at the college as demonstrated through active involvement, a positive attitude, academic accomplishments, and numerous contributions to the community. Jade Watts and Amanda Michelle Gordon both won the Vera Delgrosso Award for unwavering commitment to enhance student life at the college as demonstrated through an enduring positive attitude in light of great challenges, personal and professional growth, and numerous contributions to the community, which came with a 500 dollar transfer scholarship.

“I think honoring students and advisors at the recognition dinner is important because when you are recognized for doing valuable work it motivates you to continue to strive for great achievements and encourage others to follow in your footsteps. Leadership is truly contagious or at least that’s our goal in Student Involvement,” Hall said.

The Key Awards were presented to Jessica Baizan, Jessica Barnes, Hamza Raja, Annique Mclune, Fernando Cacsire, Gerardo Vasquez, Ryan Dwyer, Albert Chi, Stephanie Jones, and Rafakatu Abubakar for making consistent and outstanding contributions to the college community by exemplifying characteristics of quality leadership, service, and personal development.

Ana Wilhelm received the Club Officer Award for demonstrating leadership and guidance for the club, a cooperative and positive attitude, support for club members, and a dedication to improve student life for their involvement in GLOW & NAMI on Campus.

“Winning an award was outstandingly overwhelming but in a good way,” Wilhelm said. “When you have a full room of people you’ve worked with and admire applauding for you, it’s surreal. I am proud of the work I have accomplished on this campus, but at times of solitude it can feel like nobody even knows. It’s safe to say, recognition is a great feeling.”

The Viking Award was presented to Dr. Vanessa Morest, Sandra Ramsay, Joshua Gaccione, and Alfredo Quinones for their support and guidance and the Club Advisor Award was given to Ana Villafuerte from the Yonkers Activity Council for providing consistent support to club members, empowering student officers to take ownership over their organization, and creating co-curricular environments that foster student learning and success.

For having an active membership, adhering to the club mission, and providing a dynamic and meaningful involvement opportunity for students, the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society received the Club of the Year Award while the Award for the best club event went to “A Light of Hope in Crisis” by the Peruvian Club for providing the student body with a dynamic, engaging, and meaningful program.

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