WCC Athletics Introduces New Track and Field Varsity Program

Students will be giving the Athletic Department a run for their money, as the college is adding on it’s 15th varsity program to the roster–Track and Field.

“Because we didn’t end up having a softball team we wanted to make sure we had an opportunity, particularly for women, to participate in sports,” said Director of Athletics, Michael Belfiore.

Men have also expressed interest in competing in the field, evolving the new addition to WCC as a co-ed team.

A modest schedule of meets are expected, and Belfiore expects that the student athletes will compete on a club level to start out with until the program becomes more official.

“We started practice already,” said Belfiore. Unlike other sports, practice can be far more flexible. Outside on the field, a paved track, or in the comfort of an air-conditioned room on a treadmill.

To lead the group of running enthusiasts is Taneisha Cantave, who also served as the coach for the women’s volleyball team.

“We were lucky enough to have several coaches who are already on our staff who had that background,” said Belfiore. With the skill sets of the Athletic Department staff, it became that much more possible, and easy, to offer students an avenue for athletic development.

As mentioned by Belfiore, the lack of a softball team can be considered the driving factor to the addition of Track and Field. This marks the second year in a row that WCC hasn’t held a team.

“We didn’t expect to not have a team last spring,” said Belfiore, explaining that there showed to be a strong interest among the student body to participate in the sport in Fall of 2016. The problem would primarily be steamed to eligibility issues.

“I played for WCC for two years and it was a struggle both years to get enough people to play due to their grades or people just weren’t that interested,” said Amanda Gaudinier who played the positions of Second Base and Outfield when the team was in play.

“It dropped our numbers dramatically to the point where we didn’t feel comfortable moving forward,” said Belfiore. With only a handful of eligible players, the risk potential of having to cancel games was too high to consider the possibility of holding a season.

The Athletic Director did express that there may be potential of picking up softball again if the right person was found to recruit and retain players.

Students who are interested in joining the field and track team can contact the Athletics Department for more information.

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