Crema Cafe now open for three minutes on Fridays

Getting your caffeine fix on Friday mornings may pose an issue in the future. La Crema cafe has just posted its new hours for the rest of the spring semester and on Fridays the cafe will now be open from 10.00 a.m. to 10.03 a.m.

“It just isn’t profitable on Fridays anymore,” said Hon Dennessey, Director of Dining Services. “If we stay open longer, we just lose money. Students aren’t using our services anymore after a certain time and in order to remain in business, we have to adjust our hours.”

The student body reacted with outrage to these new hours.

“First I can’t use my Starbucks app to make a purchase and now they’re open for three minutes? This is ridiculous,” said Sara Koch, an accounting major in her 8th semester at WCC.

When asked for comment about the very limiting new Friday hours, barista Sandra Rodriguez just smiled and asked if we wanted that with regular or soy milk.

In addition to only being open for this short window of time, the cafe has also introduced a limited menu for Fridays. For example, Frappuccinos will no longer be available because they take four minutes to make. To ensure fast service, customers are asked to pay an additional processing fee of $5.43 for each purchase.

“I got a double espresso and my total came out to $15.95,” said Joseph Torres, a creative writing major. “I don’t really have $16 to spend on one coffee but because I don’t have a car, there isn’t really any other option for me.”

Many students run into the problem of class interfering with their daily coffee run.

“I have class until 10 a.m. on Fridays so I have to sprint over from the Technology Building to get here before the cafe closes at 10.03 a.m.,” said Anika Herber, a liberal arts and humanities major. “Maybe I can ask my Professor if I can leave a little early those days. Honestly, coffee is the only thing that keeps me going through a full day of classes and work.”

In addition to the time problem, students are left without a food option after the cafeteria closes in the Student Center Building.

“Where will I get my bagel now?” asked Kirsten Tally. When referred to the Siegel Cafe in the Gateway Building where extended hours were introduced last fall, Tally asked “The what-way Building?”

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