Raucous Lip Sync Battle Takes Over Tech Lounge

Anyone who walked by the Tech Lounge during common hour on Wednesday, March 28, will have been greeted by a fairly large crowd. The crowd was gathered to watch various people go up and perform a song. Only, the performers weren’t singing or playing instruments. They were lip syncing, as part of the Lip Sync Battle, hosted by W.A.R.Y.

The event was a brackets tournament, where performers would pick a song then lip sync and dance to the song. Two people would perform, then the audience voted on the winner by cheering. In total, there were sixteen contestants. Each contestant chose their own song, and there was a fair amount of diversity in the song choices. The songs ranged from modern Drake and Kanye West songs to older Bob Dylan and Queen songs.

By the end of the first round, it was clear that the event was going to be a hit. The reception from the crowd was even louder than the music. The performers themselves all seemed to be having a great time as well. One performer, Abraham Jourdain, called the event great and said he was looking forward to the second round. Jourdain had performed “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” by Boyz II Men. Another performer, Miracle Rodrigues who had performed “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama, said she “wanted something for everyone to turn up to”, and said she was excited for the second round.

Even many of those who lost seemed to have enjoyed it. Elvin Rodriguez, who went by the stage name “Young Rocky”, lost in his second round but said “I had fun with it.” He said that he knew he “had competition”, the moment he walked in and didn’t expect much but that he still enjoyed it.  There were even breaks between the rounds to allow audience members to come up and perform for a “fun round”, which a few people did do.

By the end of the tournament, the last two people left were Rodrigues, and Matt Stephenson, who had performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen for the first round. For the last round, the two performed a song chosen by the host, Anthony Thomson, together. The song was “Cellphone” by Drake, and the result was a close round, with the audience cheering for both loudly. Even the two finalists themselves were willing to concede to the other, especially Rodrigues who insisted it go to Stephenson. In the end though, Rodrigues took home the grand prize of a radio.

Stephenson was not in the least bit disappointed though. He said he never even expected to make it to the last round, and said that the event “was a blast.” He said that “the event was amazing. They need to do more stuff like this, like weekly.” Rodrigues was also gracious in victory, saying she just did it “for fun”, and asking for a “shoutout to Matty.” Both of the finalists praised the event for bringing people together and letting people come out of their shells.

Thomson said that he thought the event went well, and that there was “good participation.” He chose Rodrigues as the victor because of “her love and compassion.” Logan Alberico, head of marketing for W.A.R.Y, said the event “went a lot better than expected”, and that more people showed up than anticipated. She agreed with the comments made by Stephenson and Rodrgiues  about the event bringing people together. She said “that’s what we pride ourselves on,” and made sure to note that they would be doing it again next semester.

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