Editorial: #MeToo

With the “Not an Invitation” displays around campus, we truly hope that our community will become more aware of the silent epidemic that plagues our world.

The most important part of the #MeToo movement is the fact that it has brought the issue out of obscurity. For too long people have been afraid to speak out on their experiences with sexual harassment or even recognize it when it happens.

The thing about the movement is that making an accusation is no longer a taboo. Because the issue is widely being discussed, people can now be informed about how these situations play out and how to avoid them. When it comes to the hashtag that started a movement, we hope that reflects that no outfit is asking for ‘it,’ no one deserves ‘it,’ and ‘it’ can happen to anyone.

As with any good movement, the #MeToo movement’s greatest benefit to our culture is that it has started conversations where there used to be silence. People who might otherwise be culpable in committing, or turning a blind eye to, sexual harassment and assault are now becoming more conscious of how their actions affect the people they wield power over. Holding abusers accountable is a great thing, people in power no longer accepting unacceptable behavior is better.

One of the most impactful things about the movement really is the initial purpose of the #MeToo to empathize as well as empower women who, in the past, were forced to be vulnerable and silent. One of the most outstanding aspects of the movement is the fact that there are better options for reporting incidents of assault without fear of victim blaming.

All these people’s stories hit home for us. This is the time to spread awareness and prevent sexual harassment and assault in its roots.

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