Students Struggle to Return to Campus, Function

Spring break was a well needed time of rest, but it wasn’t long enough, which is why many WCC students are finding the will to return to class down right impossible.

“I spent the last week staying up until 2 A.M. every day to play Overwatch or binge watch my favorite shows,” confessed WCC student Dave Withers. “My entire schedule is off now. I honestly don’t even know where I am right now.”

Many students can empathize with Withers, but some students aren’t even making the effort to return to school, nor to drop out.

“I’ve realized that my true calling isn’t in the college scene but staying in bed,” posted WCC student Brittany Wilson on her facebook page. The amount of apathy displayed by the student body has alarmed members of the Administration to move into action, offering prizes to students who just show up on campus, but not even a sugar rush can give students the energy needed to carry on.

“Our completion rates do normally dip, but we haven’t seen this many indifferent students since the school opened from the winter break,” reported a Ashley Simmons from the Institutional Research and Planning office on campus.

Some students found the break to be just what the doctor prescribed however, giving an opportunity to turn a new leaf on their studies.

“Prior to the break, I was gunning for nothing less than an A,” said Robert Manson, a WCC student who is an Liberal Arts major. “I had time to reflect and I realize that nothing we do really matters. Someday we will all be swallowed up by the dark abyss that is death and no one will be left alive to carry on our stories, so no one will even remember what we did or didn’t do.”

When asked if he wanted to see a counselor Manson declined the offer.

“C’s get degrees,” responded Manson before he made his way to class.

Students aren’t the only ones finding it difficult returning to the college.

“I’m really proud of all the students in my class who came back, but I was honestly hoping they would forget what day classes started up again,” said Elizabeth Cass who teaches English at the college. “For one, it would help me ease back into the routine of things, but there is also a betting pool open for each of the departments.”

“The department that has the least amount students show up the first week gets their first round of drinks at Valhalla Crossing picked up by the department who had the most students return,” explained Cass. “The Math department always wins.”

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