Viking SAFE Program Aims to Educate Campus Community on Safety Procedures

In late January, an online safety training program, Viking SAFE—Viking Safety Awareness For Everyone, was launched to help all members of the college community become more aware and familiar with safety topics, policies, and procedures. A link to the first two training modules was sent via email to all college attendees to make known the programs commencement and other security related announcements.

There have been countless discussions about the safety of our college community and how The Fire Safety Committee can best provide the education and training needed to help us be better students and colleagues in a safe and supportive environment.

With the help of an online training platform for potential safety topics, WCC has partnered with WeComply to use online safety training for all students and employees. A company focused on policy compliances of statutory, regulatory, and organizational, WeComply has deployed the online safety training program that was made available to all WCC attendants starting in January of this year.Upon recent events made known to the masses through multimedia, the incidences of school shootings have increased the security in many schools and campuses, such as our own. Introducing Viking SAFE, the first training courses were Active Shooter Preparedness and Workplace Diversity, another important topic led discussion. Two courses will be posted each month in

the Spring semester, with a total of ten highly recommended training courses to be completed by all employees. So far 33 percent of employees have already completed the courses that were deployed in January, but an ambitious goal of 100 percent of WCC faculty and staff to participate in all ten courses are what is to hope for.

WeComply is not mandatory, but is recommended to help share common language about safety among the community. Unless the training is mandatory through a law or regulated requirement that exists for an employee, the program is not obligatory.

The topics that will be introduced to Viking SAFE are most commonly known topics that puzzle most people with not the slightest understanding of necessary precautions. Topics such as Blood Borne Pathogens, with the misconception that HIV can only be contracted through intercourse, First Aid, the very basics of safety procedures, Workplace Bullying, and Discrimination and Harassment, a topic led discussion that is known to be left under the bus but needs to be addressed and prevented.

Each training module can be completed within 20 to 30 minutes and one can do so within the month that the courses are deployed or later. After completing all ten courses, individuals will receive a Certification of Completion, which will be added to their professional development portfolio.

Not only are students receiving the education and training they need to help maintain a safe work and learning environment, but it also looks great on a portfolio or resume for any future job or school prospects, that one participated in the safety training program.

All members of Westchester Community College will receive emails throughout the remaining of the Spring semester of newly posted courses and updates on our schools security. A few emails have already been sent out alerting students and staff of hair cutting “attacks” around campus, reported on Tuesday, March 6 by two females, identifying their “mane mugger” as a short white male with glasses and an olive-green jacket. The attacker has been caught by the Westchester County Police Detectives and the campus is safe from any further harm done.

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