WCC Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With Irish Dance Spectacular

With artistically employed lighting effects, spectacular music, and skillful dancing, “Rhythm in the Night” tells a story through the art of Irish step dancing, a fantastically interesting story of Good vs. Evil told in a very compelling way. An evil sorceress by the name of Azura (Amanda White), captures Balor (Justin Boros), the legendary hero of a local town, under her spell in order to lead the command of her legion of relentless henchmen.

Meanwhile, Balor’s love, Aisling (Rebecca Kender), along with his younger brother, Solas (Sergey Nazarov), and their knights, lead a last-ditch attempt to rescue their hero and push back the evil sorceress, in an effort to restore peace amongst the divided kingdom.

From the Two Step Productions dancers to our very own WCC Smart Arts Students, Sunday March 11, the performers put their hearts and souls into every step. The production was filled with passion and fun captured through the expressions of the performers. The rivalry between Aisling, and Azura, fighting for Balor’s heart; the struggle, strife  and turmoil was palpable.

Speaking of a balanced duo, even more amazing were the two violinists who were always on stage for the duration of the show. The violinists played the role of visual narrators, a representation of good and evil. And like with Aisling and Azura, they face off against each other, outright dueling in two of the numbers; both equally eager to be in the forefront.

“The first [number], ‘Rising Moon,’” said Tiffany Weiss, Violinist for the side of evil, “where you saw us going in a circle and then I went out and kind of did my thing with the audience; and the second number was called “Celtic Storm,” and that’s when you really see visually, good goes first and I respond, back and forth.”

Another surprise for the audience aside from the two times performers popped out into the audience. In collaboration with the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Department, Professor Toni D’Onofrio and Culinary Technician Emmett Cresky supervised the making and execution of distributing freshly baked Irish Soda bread to audience members; made by our very own Culinary Arts Club (CAC) Students, here on campus. The CAC who have collaborated with the Theatre Group and Fashion Club in the past, agreed to work with the Cultural Arts Department for this show.

“A few months ago Professor Rubenstein came to us and asked about doing a collaborative effort, and really we ended up doing it with the Culinary Club,” Professor D’Onofrio recalled.

When asked about the decision to import the Irish Dance Spectacular to campus, Dr. Rubenstein explained that bringing professional artist groups on campus to present in our theatre, was part of her job as Coordinator of Cultural Affairs.

“I hope that the Office of Cultural Affairs will continue,” Dr. Rubenstein said. “This is a new initiative, trying to make these collaborations with the academic side of the college.”

Future projects include a performance in April of an all male acapella group from Exeter University in England, in collaboration with our very own WARY Radio Station, with a sign-off in the Student Center. In May “The Great Gatsby” will be performed by the National Players, and WCC’s Fashion Department making outfits fit for the Roaring ‘20s theme of the show.

For anyone interested in seeing the performance for themselves, you can go to their website: rhythminthenight.com to view their schedule.

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