Statement of Correction to VN Article on CCC Contracts

On behalf of the WCC Federation of Teachers Executive Board I’d like to comment on the article entitled “Administration Resolutions under Fire from Teachers’ Union” in the last issue.

The College’s contracts with Corporate Cost Control exist primarily to inhibit adjunct faculty members from being able to collect unemployment compensation to which they may be entitled, particularly during the summer. We are very glad that the VN has brought this to the attention of the entire WCC community. It does show that the College has a long way to go to make a reality of its claim that it fully respects the adjuncts (the vast majority of the teaching force).

However, we feel it is necessary to point out a factual error and to correct an implication of the overall tone of the article. The survey of faculty satisfaction that the article references was not done by the WCCFT, but by the publication The Chronicle of Higher Education. That survey, from Spring 2016, and other events of the past three years did indicate a high level of tension between the college’s faculty and its administration. But it is not correct to say that the WCCFT feels that the administration has “little to no respect for its staff” or that “tensions are reaching a critical point”.

In fact tensions have relaxed somewhat recently, especially with the resolution of the College’s labor contracts. Issues like the one of adjunct unemployment benefits reveal that the College administration is not making a full-faith serious effort to improve the working lives of its employees. But we do not want to give the impression that things are at a boiling point when, in fact, we believe there is good reason to expect improvement going forward.

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