WCC Foundation Accepting Scholarship Applications for Fall 2018

Students can check WCC’s website for info on how to apply. (Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay.com)

For the eleventh year in a row, the Westchester Community College Foundation has begun accepting scholarship applications for the upcoming Fall semester.

Founded in 1969 to “meet college and student needs not met by public funds,” the WCC Foundation has granted annual scholarships to incoming, graduating, and continuing students since 2007. Last year alone the Foundation granted a total of more than $1.6 million in scholarships. The scholarship is open to all students, whether first-time, returning, or transfers.

Several different scholarships are available to students every year. One of the scholarships available to students is provided by the faculty union.

“This is a scholarship that has been donated by the generosity of the faculty members who belong to the Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers (WCCFT), our union,” says Joanna Peters a Coordinator at the Academic Support Center.

Each year $6000 is given away to four students, $1500 per winning student. Typically the scholarships are dealt to three continuing students and one graduating, but will vary on the quality of the essays submitted. This year the topic question revolves around the current value of unions in the workplace, or the role unions play in social justice issues today.

“We are hopeful to see students to think about unions, learn about them, find out what the current issues of union involvement are [and] talk about them,” said Peters.

Requirements for this award is based primarily on the 500 word essay submitted by students and their interest or connection to unions. A letter of recommendation and GPA is also taken into consideration, but unlike most other scholarships, this is not a needs dependant scholarship.

The application can be picked up in the Academic Support Center or found online at researchguides.sunywcc.edu/unionscholarship. The deadline for this scholarship is March 30.

As for other scholarships offered by the foundation, the priority deadline to apply is March 1, while the last day to apply is April 1. New students, however, have until April 15 to apply. Late applications may be considered depending on whether funds become available.

While there is usually no GPA requirement in place to apply, other factors may be considered. Interested students should take into consideration all aspects of how they may appear on their applications.

Students who are interested in applying for a scholarship, but are uncertain about certain parts of the process, can attend scholarship application workshops held every Wednesday and Thursday in the months of February and March in the Classroom Building.

Information on how to apply is available on both the WCC and the WCC Foundation’s websites.

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