Academic Support Center Extends Hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays

WCC offers opportunities and assistance to its students in ways that make even top four-year universities appear lacking, and now the college has extended its helping hand yet again with the Academic Support Center’s new evening hours.

Located on the bottom floor of the Library, the Academic Support Center will be now open until 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. This free tutoring service includes math, physics, science and writing rooms where WCC professors will aid students on studying for an upcoming test or just sharpening their understanding of a certain topic.

“As a professor, I am grateful and very happy that the Academic Support Center is open as it is,” says Laura Senko, a math professor and frequent tutor at the ASC. She also noted that the fact that they are open before class as well as being open throughout the day gives students the flexibility to seek out help whenever they can.

Students who are already taking advantage of the center’s services are enthusiastic about the change.

“I love how there is a group of professors here at all times,” said one student who chose not to provide their name. “It lets me pick and choose between different types of teaching styles.”

This student shared one of the many special aspects of the ASC as the wide variety of the professors that are available are unique to any tutoring service.

The newly placed extended hours were set on Feb. 12. In the beginning of a semester, many professors review material that students may have previously learned, or glance over the topics that they will be diving into later making the first couple of weeks easy to most. When they start the new or more challenging material, students may use the ASC services to be at their best for an upcoming exam.

The tutorial rooms each have their own subjects and schedules of when certain tutors are available are posted, as well as the general topics that are being taught during a particular time in the semester. Students can also borrow a textbook from the center at the front desk and log on to any of the computers available to do assignments or study work.

As mentioned before, the wide range of hours for quality tutoring are benefits available to all students, but unique to the ASC is the ability to find out the schedule of a certain tutor and walk in with questions without scheduling a one on one meeting.

The ASC is a great resource on campus to help students achieve their educational goals and can be recommended by students and professors. If students are still unable to stop by the main ASC for their provided hours the off campus extension centers each have their own academic support centers to aid students.

For more information on the ASC and the extension sites, students can access the ASC page on the SUNYWCC website or call  (914) 606-7220.

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