Too Much Fact, Not Enough Fiction, a Dull Student Makes

Reading for pleasure decreases with age.
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Reading for pleasure starts off when you’re young. If you find a good book, you’ll continue to search for new books to enjoy. As one gets older, they notice that finding time to read on their own gets more difficult. Reading for pleasure in elementary school is one thing, but college? Completely different course load.

Asking students if they read for pleasure is the question that either threw some people off or caused their eyes to light up as they nodded and expressed that yes, they do in fact enjoy reading for pleasure.

Just like how you can’t judge a book by its cover, you’d be surprised by what types of genres different types of people like to read.

Take Ben Russell said  “I tend to read everything from spiritual awareness, growth, motivation, self-help books. Finance to real estate, anything about successful people,” Russell said. “Stories that exemplify what the person is about.”

When asked if they’ve read for pleasure lately—after being at school, going to work, finishing homework, etc, everyone seemed to hesitate for a moment on their response.

“I don’t really have the time anymore,” said student Ava Faulkner. “I’m too busy studying at school to read for fun and usually I’m too occupied reading my textbooks for class during my break or even when I’m at home after a long day. Sometimes when I do have the time to read something that isn’t a textbook I might not even bother.”

It seems that reading textbooks is a higher priority for students, understandably enough.

“I’ve noticed that it’s hard with my free time to read for pleasure,” Russell said. “Yesterday I hit my breaking point…It’ll be hard to read another page of a textbook, but if I read a book that I have actual interest in, I’ll burn through it so quick. Reading textbooks makes me feel like I don’t want to read something with the time that’s left in my day.”

While there are students that don’t have the time to read on their own, some manage to make time for it.

“I usually read something on my phone,” said Caroline Hager. “I have an hour long bus commute so you’ll usually find me reading while waiting for the bus, or I’ll just pop my earbuds in and read on my phone during my commute.”

When asked which is more preferable: paperback or ebook, paperback seemed to be the preference.

“I don’t like ebooks,” Faulkner said. “I bought a few but it just didn’t feel right; paperback books are nicer.”

“I prefer paperback,” Russell said. “I hate staring at a screen, maybe it’s from conditioning when I was younger since I grew up with paperback books. There’s just this content feeling I get when I turn the physical page of a book. Swiping at a screen doesn’t give me the same feeling.”

“I usually read stories online, but if i have the chance to, I’ll grab a paperback book,” said Hager.

Despite most of their time being taken up by reading their textbooks, it seems that students who do enjoy reading for pleasure will eventually find the time to do so, and enjoy every moment of it before getting back to hitting their textbooks for their next class.

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