Netflix Is on but Not All Are Watching

Walking around campus there are many students with their nose buried in their phone or their laptop. Whilst some are probably texting a friend or updating their twitter status, there are definitely some students that pop in their earbuds and start watching a show on Netflix to pass the time in between classes.

But how much Netflix is too much Netflix?

“I try and watch Netflix every time I go home; there are good shows on there,” said WCC student, Hakeem Thomas. “A day I watch maybe between 3-5 hours and a week maybe 40 hours because I catch up on the weekend most times since I‘m off from work. Sometimes I’ll watch Netflix on my phone on my long bus ride home, though I try not to do that too often since it kills my battery and uses a lot of data.”

There are also some people who use it just to have something playing in the background.

“I usually use Netflix for background noise during mid day when I’m either playing a video game or working in my workshop,” said Daniel Reinol, a former WCC student. “It’s not as distracting as music is; so it works for me.”

With heavy course loads and Netflix softly in the background, plenty of students have found themselves falling asleep while Netflix is still playing.

“I have fallen asleep with Netflix still playing, many times; I kind of use it as a lullaby in a way. When the volume is lower and the characters are speaking softly it’s pretty soothing and I fall right asleep,” said student Daniel White. “There have been plenty of times that I’ve slept through a few episodes of a show I’m trying to catch up on and then I wake up and have to find the episode where I left off before I knocked out.”

“I usually use Netflix for background noise during mid day when I’m either playing a video game or working in my workshop,” – Daniel Reinol, former WCC student.

But for some, sleeping with Netflix on is not an option.

“I never fall asleep when I’m watching Netflix,” said fellow student Cristian Soto. “Whenever I watch my shows I watch them fully through. I would get really annoyed if I fell asleep while watching my shows because then I would have to keep rewinding it, which shows that I’m not really paying attention to the story so what’s the point?”

In the end, it seems that there’s a mixed consensus of how students choose to use their Netflix account. Perhaps binge-watching 16 season shows within a month would be considered too much Netflix, but for those who use Netflix sparingly, or to catch up on their shows on the weekend, they aren’t overindulging at all.

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