With Degrees in Hand, Graduates Face an Uncertain Job Market

Throughout life, many students thought getting a job would never require a degree. Unfortunately this is not always the case.  Many people, including friends and family, give the advice to “go to college and get a degree because otherwise you won’t get a job.”

However, many young adults get their degree, but still have a problem finding a job.
So what really helps a person get a job after college? From what I’ve learned, good grades, work experience, and connections are important.  However, as a college student struggling to make money, I feel like every job expects so much from employees.

In other words, you might as well be creative. Use what you’ve learned and start you own business or franchise.  For example, people like Miranda Sings played by Colleen Ballinger who creates YouTube videos and has their own custom-made gear and make tons of money entertaining millions of people all over the world.

According to an article called “Meet The YouTube Millionaires” on businessinsider.com, Miranda Sings is ranked number nine in top highest paid YouTube stars making over 5 million dollars each year.

“I think jobs being limited is a matter of perspective.” — Matthew Gibbson, WCC student

According to an article called “Video game designer, physicist, and 18 other high-paying jobs for creative thinkers” on businessinsider.com, “there are several jobs that place high importance on creative thinking skills and coming up with new and original ideas, projects, or products where you can earn an average salary upwards of $50,000.”

The Career Services Office at WCC focuses on exactly that: helping students find what’s right for them, creative or not.

“First off, I’d like to remind you that Alumni of Westchester Community College are still able to utilize the services and resources of the Career Services Office,” said career counselor Gelaine Williams of Westchester Community College.

Even though there are services in colleges that help people find a job, what if it doesn’t turn out well?

“I think jobs being limited is a matter of perspective,” says digital film student Matthew Gibbson. “There are plenty of jobs out there just the requirements are not being met and we aren’t being educated on how to get the ones available to us. “I believe if we are focused more on getting job experience to handle positions, we look more appealing on the market.”

For anyone, regardless of degree, grades, or experience, jobs are still going to be difficult to find. Life is not always easy. We all have to find ways to make money in society, but we have to do it the right way for ourselves. The real world is tough and according to Gibbson “the struggle is real.”

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