Westchester Events Board Secrets Revealed

The liberal media would like you to believe that WEB stands for Westchester Events Board, but that’s not what WEB is about. After some deep undercover investigative reporting from the comfort of a internet source without contacting the organization, it has been revealed that WEB actually stands for We Evaluate Butts!

Look at the evidence people! The organization recently updated their logo, or as I would like to call it, a Brazilian Butt lift.

It’s new colorful butt lift is enticing to new students, making them want to be involved in their club, giving the illusion that they are fun, and hip, which to be honest, they are kind of fun- but that’s not the point!

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that the “B” in their logo is identical to that of a butt. Dimples and all.

Look at the logo, turn it to the side and you have a butt with an “E” and “M” on top- which shows how invested this group is to their secret cause! Evaluate More Butts!

Who knows how long this insidious group has been evaluating peoples bottoms! There is no escaping them as they are everywhere. In the cafeteria, in the library, even in the student center, the most sacred place on campus for a student.

WEB is unstoppable folks, and we all know that we can’t trust the government. The Student Government especially.

The SGA has also undergone a lift of sorts with their logo, clearly a ploy to distance themselves from the past, but we can’t be fooled so easily.

Everyone on campus knows that the SGA is deeply involved with the illuminati! Switching their logo from the trinity around a gavel to a simple SGA clad in the campus colors can’t hide the truth.

We are onto you SGA and WEB, the truth has and will continued to be revealed!

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