Student Government Recognizes Power 88.1 as Tier One Organization

Two Senate Resolutions were passed by the Student Government Association (SGA) and now head to their next stages to potentially be put into place for WCC permanently. Those resolutions are to extend the library’s hours during finals and to transfer funding to Power 88.1.

The New Sound of Power 88.1, formally known as WARY, has been recognized as a Tier One Organization by the Department of Student Involvement, but remained underneath the umbrella of the SGA when it came to funding, which arguably hindered the station’s ability to hold events and promotions on the air waves and obtain much needed equipment.

“Power 88.1 is not the average club,” said Jade Watts. “Power 88.1 is an actual FCC licensed radio station, requiring a minimum of $30,000 to operate on but we were receiving far less than that. Power 88.1 holds some of the hardest working group of students on campus and is a place where students can go to express themselves but also work with legal documents and standards.”

The resolution passed the senate with nine votes in favor, zero against and two abstaining.

“After discussion on this issue with the eboard of the SGA, we decided that this was the best move forward,” said Student Trustee Nicholas Singh.

The SGA resolution, which was introduced by Singh, will move to the office of the Faculty Student Association to be put into consideration.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be recognized,” said Watts “but I just feel that this should have happened sooner.”

The resolution of extending the hours of the Harold L. Drimmer Library during the week before and week of finals was passed unanimously by the senate. Approval from the Dean of the Library, Pamela Pollard, the library staff along with Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Vanessa Morest will be required.

In the fall semester, the resolution for a sexual harassment prevention initiative was passed to potentially make it easier for community members to report and respond to sexual misconduct through the school policies and the SUNY WCC website. Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Tiffany Hamilton, and Associate Dean of Student Life, Adam Frank, went over the drafts of the updated policies for both WCC’s Student Code of Conduct and the Sexual Violence Response Policy.

The updates on both policies were changed to be more concise and up to date with today’s language so that those who are involved in any of the processes can understand them clearly.

“We believe that the process becomes more student centered, it’s more clear on what a student can expect and it is also more clear on what we can and can’t do,” said Hamilton.

In addition the college is making preparations to make it easier for individuals to find resources concerning sexual harassment. This was a requestment made in last semesters resolution passed by the SGA.

The senate also reviewed and reassigned the statuses of the student clubs on campus. Each semester the SGA Vice President will determine if clubs have completed the needed requirements and can be placed into three categories; Active, Probation, or Inactive.

The next Senate meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 15, where two new Senators will join the board.

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