Gov’t Officials Watch ‘An American Tail’ Fail to Understand the Morals

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan praises Warren T. Rat’s business model. (Photo: Bridget Kelly)

In an attempt to get President Donald Trump and other politicians to understand the plights of refugees and immigrants, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) presented a film in Washington D.C. That film was An American Tail, an animated film following a young Russian mouse and his family who fled to America in attempts of making a better life for themselves.

“We picked this over a lecture or a documentary because we knew no one would be able to last through something that serious. We also hoped that Trump would hold the same sympathy towards immigrants as he does with Russia,” said ACLU National Political Director Faiz Shakir. “We were wrong on so many levels.”

Indeed, more so than not, a majority of figures on both sides of the table missed the intended message of the film.

“It was truly inspirational to see how ingenious Warren T. Rat, proving that America’s greatest ally has and always will be the cutthroat businessman, said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. “We need more businessmen that aren’t afraid to take children out of school and back to work in sweatshops.”

While Republicans failed to grasp the concept of considering the horrors immigrants and refugees have before and after arriving to America, the Democrats identified to the ultra wealthy character Gussie Mausheimer a little too much.

“I have to admit, it was inspiring to see all those little mice get together and fight off those cats,” stated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “But having the message that unions are that powerful is a little ridiculous. There should have been more emphasis on the importance of wealthy donors.”

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