EagleFest Proves to Be a Hoot

The much anticipated EagleFest was enjoyed by bird enthusiasts, environmentalists and families alike this year. Teatown hosted the 14th annual Eaglefest to educate Westchester county residents and visitors alike to the vital roles that eagles and other birds of prey play in their ecosystems as well as in the lives of humans.

The event was hosted in Croton Point Park on Saturday, Feb. 10, and gave way to experts in the field of bird watching, conservation efforts, and falconry. Through some of the renowned specialists including falconers Brian Bradley, Bill Streeter, and James Eyring, guests were able to get a birds eye view of some of nature’s greatest predators.

From the smallest of owls, to the fastest falcons, and some of the most powerful eagles, EagleFest proved to be a wealth of information and wonder towards these modern day raptors.

People flocked to the events which had the living birds for display, but also migrated to the eagle mascot, music events and the food vendors which had savory items that were tempting to swallow whole.

While EagleFest comes around only once a years, it is important to remember that we share this beautiful country with our feathered friends. Many of the speakers at the happening stressed the importance of keeping the environment clean and protect, as well as helping out the birds of prey when possible.

A majority of the birds featured at EagleFest have survived from being shot by hunters or being clipped by vehicles. They are able to inspire people to care for the wildlife because of the people who were able to get them to facilities like Teatown, and rehabilitate them.

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