It was a train wreck for Monroe Bronx Express as they faced off the Vikings. With this win, the Vikings haven’t been outscored once this season.

The first few minutes of the match made it seem like it was going to be a close race, with the away team leading for by a single point in the first seven minutes of the game, but the lead was short lived as the Vikings took control of the court once more and didn’t let go for the remainder of the match.

The final score of the game held on Feb. 8 ended with 108-74. This would make the eighth time in their season that the Vikings broke the 100 point mark.

By half time, WCC lead by nearly double the score of Express, 53 to 27. But seeing the Vikings on the battlefield, it is no real shock to see how they continuously remain victorious on the court.

The student athletes clearly put on a killer offense. Raykwon Fenton scored 21 points, and Tremaine Fraiser raked in 17 for the team. Pierre Lys chipped in 15 points, and Demetrius Whitney added 12 points.

In addition Maurice Hollis accounted for 11 points in the second-half of the game, while Gabriel Cruz added 12 points of his own. According to gowccvikings.com, every player who participated on the court brought in at least four points.

The home team wasn’t shy about showing off their skills on the court. If anything, the Vikings were more than happy to show off their footwork and team coordination.

Between Lys weaving through the opposition with fierce agility and Fraiser soaring through the air to make baskets, Monroe Bronx never stood a chance.

Defense also stopped the Express dead in their tracks. Trying to score with Drew Bronen underneath the basket proved to be a near impossible task for many of the Monroe Bronx natives.

While the Vikings did have the game in the bag, their opponents found steam to run on throughout the match, keeping up a competitive vibe throughout the night. Multiple times in each set, players would be scrambling furiously for the ball after a fumble, sliding around on the floor to gain control.

The next home game for the men’s team will take place Feb. 15, at 7 P.M. It will also be the last home game of the season for WCC Vikings.

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