Lady Vikings Remain in the Back of the Pack

The match up against the Borough of Manhattan Community College Panthers was rough in more ways than one. It was the ninth straight loss in the season for the Lady Vikings and some injuries took place during the game.

The double header game that took place on Feb. 8 opened with the Lady Vikings taking to the court first. With a score of 54-65, the team showed improvement compared to the last time they faced the Panthers which was only a week beforehand where the score was 76-55.

Decked out in their white, blue and pink uniforms to acknowledge National Girls and Women in Sports day, dubbing the the night as a ‘Think Pink Night.’ In addition pink wristbands were sold prior to the tip off to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and the funds raised are to go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The game was intense from start to finish, keeping Viking fans on the edge of their seat hopeful for a victory. The first set made the victory seem possible, with the Lady Vikings trailing behind the Panthers by only a few points.

With each set the game became more intense, but not nearly as intense as the Panthers Head Coach, Ben Newberg. Each time one of the referee’s made a call putting the ball into the Vikings hands he’d throw a verbal tornado of sorts.

While the energy was high in this game on both sides, chilling silence struck the court at the injuries taken by the home team. In the third set, Freshman player Alexandria Knight fell from a knee injury, stopping the game for a period of time.

While the medic on site was examining her on the court along with the WCC Head Coach Nesta Felix, Newberg questioned why the game was stopped. Knight managed to make a reappearance on the court in the final set, but Denise Crockett was out for the count.

In a previous set it seemed that Crockett had injured her ankle, but was able to walk it off. After an attempted basket in the fourth set, however, it became clear that the injury became serious and she was taken out of the game.

On Saturday, Feb. 10, the Lady Vikings faced off against Nassau Community College falling to 0-10 for the season. Next home game for the team is Thursday, Feb. 15, against Bronx Community College.

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