We’re Vikings, So Let’s Act Like It

Chester the Viking plushies are part of a new initiative to bolster school pride. (Photo: Amanda M. Gordon)

Our Scandinavian ancestors did everything together. From partying to the battlefield, Viking clans were more than a ride or die kind of group, they were a family, a brotherhood, supporting each other through thick and thin.

At WCC sports events, however, students are a rare occurrence. Most games happen around 6PM or later on campus and the reasons for a lack of student attendance are countless, ranging from transportation problems, over busy work schedules, to simply a lack of interest.

“It’s very encouraging to see students come watch the games,” said student athlete Cristal Alcantara. “It shows athletes that they have a support system and that they’re not the only ones that care about the team’s success.”

According to Alcantara, it is a matter of school pride.

“It feels good to have someone cheering on you, it brings good vibes to the field, court, track, or bowling rink, and it boosts confidence,” Alcantara says. “It’s also very important for fellow athletes to go see each other’s games, if athletes support each other it furthers the success of the athletic department as a whole. It feels good, whether you’re an athlete or a student, to say ‘yeah we have a great baseball team,’ or ‘our basketball team is undefeated,’ or ‘the girls volleyball team is going to regionals.’”

According to Ryan Dwyer, SGA Vice President, it could help to advertise sports events more, for example by putting the days and times on the school TVs.

“We can motivate students to attend sports events by getting them excited,” said Fernando Cacsire, President of WEB. “For example, having Chester walk around campus giving students flyers. At least it gives the students something to look forward to.”

“From the Department of Student Involvement, we got little stuffed chester [dolls] to give out to the first 50 students at [one of] the games to encourage students to attend and to have school spirit at a game and bring it home, too,” said Rachele Hall.

Hall said she is working with Mike Wisniewski, the Athletic Department’s Recreation Coordinator, to talk about encouraging students to participate in activities in the athletic department, even if they can’t make a long-term commitment due to problems with transportation or work schedules.

“There are two types of involved students; the ones who participate and are active and the ones who love watch,” Hall said. “The goal is to engage both kinds of students, who both have equal value and both hold an important role within the institution.

“This is important because no matter what you get involved in in live, you should have pride. Students who chose WCC should have pride in being a Viking, to be part of the institution, so when they leave this place, whether they were an athlete, a club officer, or an avid fan, they can be prideful in their experience.”

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