Harold L. Drimmer Library Security System in Full Operation

It’s round two for the implementation of a turnstile system in the Harold L. Drimmer library. Last semester the system was tested with the intention of limiting the unauthorized use of the library on campus. Technical difficulties hindered the first attempt but now the system is back and fully functional.

The month of January was a grace period in which students could sign in had they not retrieved their ID cards yet, this will not be the case moving forward. Beginning in February students without an ID card will be denied access to the library instead being directed to the Security Office in the Student Center to get their card updated or issued.

With all the turnstiles functioning properly the transition went a bit smoother than last semester where security took to swiping cards for students eventually stopping the use of the turnstiles all together.

“Security was very helpful with me when I first started coming here. They showed me how to put my ID and how it opens which is very different than what I was used to going to school prior to here,” said first semester student Tre McGee.

The process, despite throwing off students initially, seems to be settling into place.

“At first it was annoying because I had to renew my ID in the office in student center. Now its super easy,” said student said Bryan Morel.

Prior to the grace period being put into place, the security system created some confusion for incoming students. In order to get an ID from the Security Office, students need to present proof that they are registered students.

The preferred identification evidence would be a print out of the student’s MyWCC page which shows their name, ID number and status. The process of getting an ID quickly became a vicious circle of students waiting in line to get their card where they would be directed to print out the page from the Library, but would be turned away because they did not have their IDs.

To avoid further confusion, the school set in the grace period, sending out a mass text to the student body on Jan. 17.

“We are phasing in a new entry/exit system at the library,” reads the issued message. “This new system will eventually require that students show a valid Westchester Community College ID.”

Since the library is public, residents of the county who are not students will still have access to resources but will need a day pass available from the security desk in the library’s main entrance.

“For me I don’t see the point of it, who is going to come here who’s not a student,” said Morel. While the security system is a way to keep out non students without the proper authorization, the intent of the system may also see updates in the future.

Last semester, Director of College Community Relations Patrick Hennessy said that, “we intend to use them for students to check out books.” If this is a realistic future for the library only time, and technology will tell.

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