Game On: Open Arcade Provides Fun as Part of Viking Days

Higher education isn’t all fun and games, but it certainly can be. On Friday Jan. 19, the department of Student Involvement hosted an open arcade full of interactive games and activities for students to indulge in, such as ping pong, pool, foosball, and a notable favorite arcade favorite, air hockey. Students were invited to partake in the free refreshments and recreation from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Student Center Events Room.

A steady flow of students filled the space at every hour the arcade was open.

“It’s a good way to, you know, pass time,” said Azizur Rahman, WCC student who said he beat five people in pool prior to being interviewed. Rahman explained how this experience was more than just simple play, but a way to relax. “We’re in college, we stress a lot.”

To expel stress and excess energy was the primary function of holding such an event. As a closer to their first week of Viking Days, a series of installments dedicated to welcoming and acclimating incoming students, Rachele Hall, Associate Director of Student Involvement for Co-Curricular & Community Building Programs, opened a space of amusement as she has for several years working for the college.

“I’ve been hosting [the open arcade] for a couple of years, because, for some large scale events I did when I first arrived on campus in 2012, we had a pool table and a ping pong table, and the students went crazy,” said Hall. “I decided I was just going to create a day where that’s all that there is for the day and leave it open for four or five hours for students to come in and out.”

According to Hall, this open arcade has proven to be a great way to for students to get their energy out and the students of WCC agree.

“I’m here for free time,” says Debobrata Banik, a WCC student whose favorite arcade game is air hockey. “It’s a good place to have fun [and] to hang out with friends.”

Blanca Izaguirre, another WCC student at the event playing ping pong, agrees. She noted how enjoyable it was to have an open space to host an arcade, and was having fun while waiting for her biology class to start.

“We don’t have the space right now for a game room currently, so this is a nice substitute,” said Hall. The success of the Open Arcade is tangible in the faces of amusement and laughter from the students enjoying what it has to offer.

“From as soon as the equipment is set, until the [technicians] are about to leave, [the students] are playing,” says Hall. The arcade marks another successful event by Student Involvement, and another playful opportunities for students taken advantage of.

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