Vikings’ Undefeated Streak Soiled Over Clerical Error

There are some points where things just seem to good to be true. That could be said for the Vikings basketball team current season stance.

After being on a three season hiatus due to a transcript forgery scandal, paperwork was what knocked the Vikings down to size once more. The undefeated team had to throw eight games away over missing transfer waivers.

“Upon responding to a routine audit of the Westchester Community College men’s basketball team, the [National Junior College Athletics Association] (NJCAA) notified us that we were missing transfer waiver forms,” said Director of College-Community Relations Patrick Hennessey in a press release.

“An NJCAA member college which plays an ineligible student-athlete, knowingly or otherwise, shall forfeit all contests in which an ineligible student-athlete participated,” reads this years official eliegiblity rules for the NJCAA.

To adhere to the misconduct, WCC followed the established rules to the NJCAA. Unfortunately, that meant forfeiting all games played prior to the college obtaining the proper transfer forms from the students’ previous schools.

“Westchester Community College is in full compliance with NJCAA rules, and all games played as of December 5 and moving forward will be counted toward the team’s overall record,” wrote Hennessey.

The students athletes involved were eligible to take part in WCC’s athletic department, but the mishap was announced to be “an administrative clerical error.” This certainly feels like a huge set back for the Vikings, who still continue to dominate the court each game, the victories made over their opponents scoring by double digit numbers for nearly every challenge, but the team will undoubtedly continue to make its mark.

With that said, in reality this upset could be held to the equivalence of crying over spilt milk. Being that this is the first year back for the Vikings, the NJCAA holds ‘new’ or ‘returning’ teams under penalty.

“During the probationary period, the team(s) shall not be eligible for Regional and/or National honors in the sport(s) involved,” states the NJCAA website. “At the end of the probationary period, the member college shall request that it be taken off probation. The NJCAA Executive Committee shall either grant the request or continue the probation for one additional year.”

Regardless, WCC’s administration remains confident in the athletic department’s commitment to the goals of the school along with ensuring compliance and accountability for it’s athletic programs.

“We are proud of our men’s basketball team bursting on the scene with an incredibly strong performance in its first ten games after a three-year hiatus,” said President Belinda Miles. “Our community is proud to have these Viking student athletes represent Westchester Community College.”

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