Vikings Battle Kingsborough Waves to Hard Won Victory

With less than a minute on the clock and only four points apart, the Kingsborough Waves came closest thus far in over powering the Vikings. As rough as it was, the WCC team remained in the lead to the end.

The final score for Jan. 13 match was 74-66, an eight point lead, the shortest distance yet. With this game in the bag, by terms of scores throughout the season, the Vikings have outscored their competition for 13 games straight. With the upseat of the transfer forms, the winning streak for the men’s team is now five games strong.

At most, The Vikings were in the lead by 15 points, and at the most narrow of spots, they were in danger of losing their standing from two shots. Be it a two 2 point shots, a free throw and three point shot, or if it were possible, a four point field goal, but such a shot is only allowed in the BIG3 league.

In this intense match up, there were a fair amount of fouls, falls and free throws, which further built the tension that was involved in this game. When the referees made their calls, players on both teams would get slightly heated, which flared more and more as the clock came closer to running out of time.

Needless to say, there were plenty of runs in this game. Back and forths with a fair amount of free throws. Drew Bronen scored six of the of the 20 free throws made that afternoon, which went towards his season high score of 10 points.

Raykwon Fenton also achieved a new season high for himself, raking in 21 points over the course of the two periods.

Pierre Lys brought 13 points in for the Vikings, and Gabriel Cruz with Tremaine Fraiser each scored 10 points.

The men’s team will play next their next game at WCC on Jan. 18. The Thursday game will also serve as a doubleheader with the women’s team, both will face Nassau Community College.

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