Get Ready to Dribble

Come out and support your lady Vikings for their first home game as they face off against the Nassau Community College Lions.

Game day is set on Thursday Jan. 18 and will serve as a double header with the women playing at 6:00 P.M., and the men’s team taking to the court at 8:00 P.M. This is a double feature that no one will want to miss out on.

In addition to the excitement of a back to back home game, the first 50 people who show up to watch the Lady Vikings basketball will be able to take home a plush version of WCC’s mascot, Chester the Viking, so be sure to be the first ones in line to see the match up. Chester himself will be there no doubt, providing moral to both teams and pumping up the crowd.

Currently the women’s team is 0-2, and just like the men’s team, the women’s team has been out of commission for three seasons. Their last game was up against the Monroe-Bronx, a close game with a final score of 58-51. At halftime, they trailed behind by only two points of 23-21.

The women’s team still has 13 games left in their season, but WCC will be hosting only six of those games. This includes one game with Bronx Community College which was postponed to Thursday, Feb. 15. The reschedule was caused by logistical problems that prevented the Bronx team from traveling to WCC, this match will now serve as a double header as well.

With that said, it’s the duty of all Vikings on campus, be it students, faculty and staff as well as administration to cheer on the women’s team and let the team spirit carry them to a true Valhalla victory.

To keep up with all WCC sport teams this season, check out for player stats and game schedules.

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