Late Night Breakfast Success Shows Potential for Nightlife on Campus

Even on that blistering cold mid-December night, it was plain to see right from the beginning that this party was going to be a success.  Finally, this campus has started a great college tradition: the Pre-finals Midnight Breakfast.

Well, to be fair, it was more of a Late Night Breakfast, as Student Involvement could not obtain permission to keep the Student Center and its employees up past midnight. But still, the event drew a promising crowd of close to, if not more than, 200 people, the line for the event stretched out halfway down the hallway to the door at the opposite end before it even started.

As the line kept growing, you could hear a buzz of amiable chatter running through a sea of colorful parkas dotted with volunteers wrapped in blue aprons. A common topic of conversation was that many couldn’t believe that this many people would brave the cold to attend, but yet here they all were. Even our beloved mascot Chester the Viking was there.

The menu was a greatest hits list of everyone’s breakfast favorites, prepared by our beloved Viking Café and the Student Involvement Staff. There was cold orange juice and sweet iced tea to drink, everything from two types of bacon to sausages to pancakes and even Krispy Kreme donuts. Along with the breakfast food, the cafe was also open, serving everything from hot chocolate to caramel macchiatos for free.

Along with all the food, there were a variety of DIY activities. One of the most useful projects was probably the decorate-your-own-mug station, where participants decorated clay mugs with colorful sharpies. People got pretty creative with them, some mugs bearing images that are unprintable in a respectable paper.

The activity that seemed the most inventive was probably the stone painting, where people took heart-shaped or square slabs of dark stone and painted on them with glitter and acrylic paint markers. Everyone was laughing happily, even at their “failures,” at that table.

Last but not least, there was a snow globe photo booth, where students could take a picture with friends and put it in a customized snow globe.

“I think this event shows that there could be a potential nightlife here,” said one of the student guests.

Elizabeth Diaz from Student Involvement agrees, saying that if this sort of turnout happens next semester too, this could become “a new tradition” for the college. Working it out the first time took two weeks of planning, not counting the process of getting approval for the event, but with the help of student organizations like WEB, the event could be much easier next time.

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