George Latimer was sworn in as the new Westchester County Executive by New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. This marks Latimer as the ninth person to hold this position since its creation and only the third Democrat to be in its office.

The inauguration took place on Jan. 7, 2018 within WCC’s Hanikin Theatre and attracted New York public officials such as the Governor, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Congresswoman Nita Lowey who served as the event’s microphone controller.

Before the ceremony took off, WCC’s own student choir had the honor of singing the National Anthem and WCC President Dr. Belinda Miles welcomed the guests and audience on the occasion.

“We are pleased to serve today as the host site for the inauguration for our new Westchester County Executive, George Latimer” said Miles. “I wish you every success as you address change.”

One by one, the public officials made their way up to the podium to congratulate and wish Latimer the best on his new position, as well as sharing personal encounters with the man.

Nita Lowey first met George Latimer while she was running for her first term of Congress, stating that “he knew everybody’s name.” Lowey campaigned with Latimer by her side, noting that he knew everyone in the community because “he is our County Executive.”

Schneiderman saw the election of Latimer as a tide for change in the country, speaking of enthusiasm and inspiration for the 2018 election period. His time on stage was short lived, however.

“I have to speak and run because I have places to go and people to sue,” said the New York Attorney General, earning some laughter from the crowd.

Schneiderman praised Latimer before departing, saying that “George Latimer is the leader that Westchester needs, and Westchester deserves. We are lucky to have you at the helm.”

New York State Senator, Andrea Stewart Cousins addressed that the reason why the ceremony didn’t take place on the first day of January as most swearing in ceremonies are held was because Latimer was too focused on his work.

“This is who this man is,” said Stewart Cousins. “That the ceremony for him, was much less important than the substance.” She continued to point to Latimer’s work ethics and what he stands for.

“George Latimer’s win was not just a win,” said the Governor. “It was a resounding statement by the people of this county and you made it happen. Congratulations.”
The event wasn’t enough to keep Donald Trump out of the conversation, however, as several of the speakers made jabs, remarks, and statements towards the President and that the election of George Latimer was another step in the fight against Washington.

“It also is a statement of political times,” said Cuomo, referring to Latimer’s win. He noted on stage that the current Administration was attacking the people of this country as well as focusing on the Democratic states with the Republican Tax bill that was passed in December.

“George Latimer is exactly the man that we need at this time,” said Cuomo before bringing Latimer to the podium to be sworn in.

“I have sought and you have granted me four years to direct this county government of ours. I deeply appreciate your vote of confidence and I treat it not as a blank check from you to me to do whatever I wish but rather as a promissory note from me to you,” said Latimer. “Every single one of you.”

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