WCC Welcomes New Interim Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Amy Mozingo has stepped in as the Interim Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. Mozingo is taking over for Danielle DiGrazia, who is now Head of House at Fairfield University. The responsibilities of Mozingo’s position involves crucial assessing, planning, implementing, managing, evaluating, and overseeing in the primary areas of academic curriculum and faculty development.

Mozingo has been with WCC for 12 years and has held plenty of positions over the course of her career, both on campus and elsewhere. She earned her Bachelor’s in Business with a concentration in Management from SUNY Plattsburgh and gained her Masters in Science in Information Systems from Marist College.

Mozingo worked in accounting in Social Services for Westchester County and came to WCC as an I.T. in 2006, and then again in 2010 when WCC implemented PeopleSoft. Mozingo’s position as Application Support Specialist was a newly created position to support the People Self-Audit system that WCC doesn’t primarily use anymore. Presently, WCC uses Degree Works as its main audit system, assisting students in planning their coursework. This is one of Mozingo’s main functions, but she also completed course evaluations and supports other projects that involve undergraduate students’ data.

“We have functional portions and technical portions. Getting data from PeopleSoft or MyWCC into Degree Works, that’s a function of I.T. For example, if you’re a nursing student and have a whole list of courses you need to take to graduate, and everything that’s in that section, that’s what I control,” said Mozingo. “I also maintain some of the data behind the scenes. I’m the only remaining person on the initial implementation team of Degree Works, so I have a better insight and they sometimes call me a ‘functional techie.’”

Mozingo also previewed something new that WCC plans on instating to accommodate students.

“We’re in the process of testing a College Readiness section, and once it’s been thoroughly tested and implemented it’ll help all of our students who come into WCC needing additional non-college level classes to know exactly what classes they need to take before they’re ready for English 101 or further math readiness”

Aside from all of Mozingo’s successes, she noted that she’s undergone a few setbacks. Mozingo had a huge break in her college career. After going straight to college post high school, coincidentally, her first day of graduate school was on 9/11. Mozingo then completed her Master’s degree two calendar years later as an adult student.

“When I was little I had developmental challenges, so to say that you can’t overcome that, you can,” said Mozingo.

When asked her opinion on working at WCC, Mozingo said, “I love the campus because it’s totally evolving. We’ve definitely molded ourselves to where education is taking us. I know there have been a lot of changes, a lot of initiatives have been passed from the faculty, the students, to the perspective, to this building, its brand, fresh and new, but in the seams we’re going where the industry is going. That’s the key.”

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