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Hey It’s Val! Happy New Year Everyone! I’m glad to be back. The beginning of Spring semester of 2018 is finally here at WCC! Many of us are graduating, many of us are just beginning, and many of us are just pushing through another semester to get one step closer to your goal! We prevailed through the fall, and now we will zoom past the spring.

Sometimes we may feel like we have this hard burden upon us to succeed, that we can become quite overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. There is always pressure in this society to be the best. To be better than others and to always be in competition. You can easily become engulfed in a routine you did not choose. Well, I’m here to say forget all of that.

Let’s not bind ourselves to what society wants of us. Let’s, do what we want to do. It is the year 2018, why are we still listening to people. There is only one thing that listening to people does, and that is make you crazy. That is the most insane thing, to let other people’s negative words make you insane.

They do not have control over your life. They don’t feed you, they don’t do your homework, they don’t pay your bills. So, to hell with that. This year, we are taking control back, where we feel empowered to conquer our own realities and overcome any obstacle.

This year, we are striving and succeeding and fulfilling our own prophecies that we have laid for ourselves. This isn’t a new year’s resolution, but a new year’s revolution! I know I am an advice columnist, but if I do not use this platform that I have as a voice to reach you all, then I will have sided with the side of the oppressor. So, this is my advice:

  1. Identify Your Needs! Write a list of what you would like in your perfect society. Nothing will ever be perfect, but we can strive for close to perfect. As a human being, what do you require as your basic needs and your basic rights. Assess those things and add it to your society.
  2. Get involved in your local community! Take those needs and apply it to your local government. Figure out what are the issues in your neighborhood. This is where you begin to make your voice heard! Once you plug into your community, your community plugs back into you!
  3. Be aware! Listening to the news 24/7 is difficult and can be draining when constantly hearing of the negativity in the world. But, many policies and changes are evolving. One should become aware and knowledgeable of these issues, because they can affect you!

As always, I am here to be a listening ear, and to answer any questions and help you reach some resolve on your concerns. Write me, don’t skype me. It’s Val.

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