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Hey it’s Val! And yes, we did it! We made it through the Fall Semester of 2017! Some of us are just limping, but we still made it, and that’s what counts! Now we are in anticipation of the new year coming.

Year 2018, and we still do not see flying cars on the road yet, just people who still do not know how to drive. But if we can overcome that, then we can conquer a new year. My two tips for this new year are just that.

1) Pamper yourself: You don’t have to spend big money to treat yourself; It is quite possible to take care of yourself at your home. Make yourself a “care routine”, where once a week (Sunday, for example) you can indulge yourself in bubble baths, scrubs, and face masks. This moment will not only provide you with peace for yourself, but taking care of yourself improves self-esteem, limits the negative effects of stress and a hectic life, and helps fight against premature cutaneous aging.

Also, take control of your life with a balanced and healthy diet–the effects will be immediate in your mind, your health, and your appearance. These little things will have a positive impact on your health and mental wellbeing overtime. But do not forget to indulge yourself, cupcakes and ice cream are meant to be eaten.

2) Live in the present: It is okay to recognize what happened in the past, but it is more than okay to move away from it. If you are harboring hardships, let them go. You will feel free. The past happened and it cannot be changed. Thus, resulting in emotions such as sadness, anger or regret and that’s not copacetic for your mental health.

Thinking about the future prevents you from living in the present. It’s harmful to the extent that nothing happens as you had planned, because life just happens.

There are always unforeseen events that change the course of events and force you to review your position. It is safe to think about the future, but not to do so exclusively. Living in the present is already enjoying what is unfolding before your eyes.

You are constantly looking for happiness, but it is right in front of you. Look for it in the pleasant little moments that surround you. Feel the sun on your skin on an autumn afternoon, walk barefoot in the sand, drink good tea with friends, read your favorite magazine and just enjoy being there to enjoy it all. If time goes by quickly, it is because people often do not have the habit of stopping, contemplating and savoring.

So, next time instead of gulping down your drink, let your taste buds enjoy all the flavors and when you walk, take the time to look at the architecture of the buildings and the street shows. Be open to the world that you surrounded by. Live a life of “oh wells” rather than a life of “what ifs.”

Remember that you are the main character in your life. You deserve a new year of loving yourself and being present in the moment. Until next year, write me, don’t skype me. It’s Val.

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