Rapper Joyner Lucas Sparks Conversation We All Need to Hear in Viral Song “I’m Not Racist”

From all the hip-hop songs released concerning politics and equality, told through storytelling and hold a powerful messages, “I’m Not Racist” by Joyner Lucas fits on the same level as Immortal Technique’s “Dancing with the Devil” and Jedi Mind Tricks “End of Days”.

To be honest, when I saw the thumbnail of the video, I thought it was just gonna be a basic rap song with the same counter arguments heard from the news and anti-trump protesters use, but that isn’t the case.

“I’m not racist” tackles issues like double standards when it comes to the racism both sides have in America. It begins with a shot of a white man, wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, looking into the camera and without hesitation, begins with “With all due respect, I don’t have pity for you black n****s, that’s the way I feel” to make sure the video has your full attention and to get straight to the point.

Then the camera shifts to see a black man sitting across the guy with the MAGA hat, then the white guy stands up and tells the black man his very aggressive opinion on racism.

“Well pound that then, talking’ about slavery like you was around back then, Like you was pickin’ cotton off the f**kin’ ground back then Like you was on the plantation gettin’ down back then” and “Music rotting your brain and slowly start to convince you, then you let your kids listen and then the cycle continues. Blame it all on the menu, blame it on those drinks, blame it on everybody except for your own race. Blame it on white privileges, blame it on white kids, and just blame it on white privilege—same with the vice president, Bunch of class clowns” using examples of racism, that POC can also play the blame game, and not take responsibility for some of their actions.

The second verse then turns to the young man with dreadlocks, “[w]ith all disrespect, I don’t really like you white motherf***ers, that’s just where I’m at” he also stands for his part of the conversation, and even smacks the MAGA hat of the other man’s head. He tells his aggressive opinion on racism but also responses to the first opinions expressed, pointing out how hypocritical white people can be when it comes to playing the blame game and not taking responsible.

“And all you care about is money and power and being ugly and that’s the cracker within you, hatred all in your brain, it slowly start to convince you and then you teach it to your children until the cycle continue, Blame it on Puerto Rico, blame it on O.J, Blame it on everybody except for your own race, Blame it on black n****s and blame it on black citizens, Aim at the black businesses,”

As aggressive as the video seems, it holds a conversation that needs to be held in this country, not a screaming match like shown but an honest and open dialogue. The video ends with both of them hugging it out and the pair of them understanding each others struggle, even just a little.

I’m glad the video proved me wrong, tackling bias on both sides, something that a lot of modern songs today don’t do. The song already has over 12 million views, over 700 thousand likes, and 25 thousand dislikes.

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