Dating on a Budget

Living on a budget is tough, but throwing a relationship into the mix can add some stress. Dates are typically thought to be in expensive restaurants or pricey venues, but a good date doesn’t require a fat wallet. There are plenty of date alternatives that cost little to nothing at all.

The cheaper the dates are in the beginning, the better, because a lost love hurts just as much as lost cash. Start simple when getting to know each other. Listen to each others favorite album together, take a hike or attend a public lecture in town or on campus. There is always something going on at WCC, educational and entertaining, and it would be a shame to not take advantage of events which can be free with a student ID.

Other ideas that won’t cost an additional cent include teaching each other a new skill or craft, checking out a library book to take turns to read to each other or people watching. It’s simple activities like these that help people get to know one another and feel out if they are a good fit.

Moving up on the price scale of five bucks there is plenty budding couples can do, aside from the usual coffee date. Visit a museum that suggests donations for entry, have a movie night at home with a film you already own or rent one. Bowling is classic, and if you plan the right day some alleys charge as little as $2.50 per round, before the shoes at least.

Share a small meal together, take advantage of eatery deals or grab a sweet treat like ice cream or cupcakes. A fun idea might just be going to the dollar store and buying each other a ridiculous trinket or a useful everyday item.

Things are getting more serious as the price tags go up, but you can get more bang for your buck too. Check out farmers markets, thrift shops or just window shop in the mall. Some places ask for a cover charge to enter, but it’s worth seeing what lies inside and who knows what goodies you may find. With flea markets, a lot of items will bring up memories and keep conversations going even on the drive home.

Going to the movies is getting more and more expensive, but if you check out a matinee you could cut the ticket prices in half.

Some great deals for exciting activities can be found on apps like groupon or livingsocial. Couples can score big getting half or more off of events, shows or tickets in their local area.

The list can go on, but the point is that you don’t need a lot of money to have a good time, and more importantly you are dating a person, not their wallet. Simple and cheap dates allow you to enjoy each other’s company over getting nervous about the bill.

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